Hill Head Past & Present

Newly published story/photography blog on adobe sparke, about my local shore and its history featuring my outdoor photography please click on the link highlighted please leave a review and mostly I hope you enjoy… https://spark.adobe.com/page/NX0VMV93f9gIy/8F11342B-940B-4FFF-9F61-EFDF47985D67.jpeg

Life on the shore of Hill Head

Little red boat

I like to nip over to Hill Head shore at least once a week, there is something always going on. The sailing club next to the Harbor is great at the weekends just to sit on the harbor wall and watch the small boats on the Solent. Or any day that has a bit of a gust of wind you will always spot a few wind/kite surfers out getting in some practice, being pulled up and of the water. And the plover birds, Canadian geese, mute swans as well as spotting a few migratory birds that settle at the Titchfield Haven Bird Sanctuary which is literary across the road.

Plovers on the Harbour
To calm to surf
Crabbing is prohibited
Silent Solent
Running Scared

First blog post

Me ,My Camera & Eye

A little about me brought up in the British Armed forces, started life in Germany. Moved about all over the country through childhood as well as a adult, you could say I was born with itchy feet always ready to pack up at a moments notice.Now I finally find myself settled on the Hampshire coast in the south of England. Throughout my life I have seen many beautiful towns & cities, experienced their rich history as well as captivating woodlands. Since moving here back in 2013 I have seen the glorious majesty of the sun setting on the water, the comings and going of the locals frolicking on the shore on a hot summers day and surf paddlers on the water as the sun goes down at the end of the day.I fined myself a curious person always wanting to explore under bushes for daytime moths &a newly merged butterflies. Or discovering the local historical Abbey’s and churches. On the look out for new places to venture with my camera. So now as I deal with being diagnosed with fibromyalgia earlier this year, in cold damp weather need a stick to ease the limp, I have found myself constantly attached to my camera a Canon 700d which has become my full time passion. Now wanting to share the beauty and stories I discover everyday as I tend to notice things about me more than what’s infront, my other half finds it amazing I can spot a mushroom cluster growing 15 foot to my left of the footpath whilst we chat and laugh, but easily stumble over a clump of grass. I have now opened a online market place where I can sell my images if you would like any please contact me and I will send you the link if it’s not available let me know which image you would like to have I shall have it ordered and in your home within a week direct from the printers. I also have a blog that accompanies my photography I will be posting regularly with links so you can read hopefully enjoy my experience. Please do leave any positive comments I will respond in kind.

November sunset

This time of year the skies are changing colour dramatically we notice more because we are all still out and about coming and going to work, the dark early evenings allow you to noticein the short 40 mins between daylight and dusk. The Autumn to winter the tonal range depending on the temperature of the day can vary from orange, pinks to moody purples and deep red. Here are a few shots I captured over at Southampton Mayflower Park Quay and low Tide at Hill Head Near Fareham at the weekend.